Asteroid 2012 DA14 and meteorites in Russia

Never say that Google icons aren't educational. I had no idea of the asteroid 2012 DA14, so I was quite surprised when the second ‘g’ suddenly jumped away and a rock flew in through the space. I clicked on the icon and was redirected to a bunch of websites about it. Talk about scary – I’d like to think I’m a well-informed person, but this came out of nowhere. Maybe I should pay more attention to hard science in the future, not only sociology. 😉


Two informative videos (links):

The Google animation was removed a few minutes later – I almost missed it completely. Apparently it’s because of the meteorite in Russia, not that I blame them. People panic for all the wrong reasons. If an asteroid is going to pass us by, we can expect debris to follow or precede it. Not that meteorites are a rare sight – just look up at the night sky once in a while and you’ll see plenty of ‘falling stars’. It’s the big ones that are rarer and the one in Russia today certainly counts as a huge one. At least from my perspective…

Websites on the Russian meteorite and videos:

On the other hand, I find it kind of obvious?, ironic?, maybe predictable that it hit Russia of all places. Yes, it is a huge country (especially the Siberia part), but come on – do they have bad karma or what? These people get all kinds of bad stuff happen to them, now they have large chunks of space debris falling on them as well?

I do hope everyone is alright there and that we don’t get any more of such surprises. I had enough of excitement for today just watching the videos. Against such forces of nature, people have little to protect themselves. 


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