Shovelling snow

I've been busy cleaning our driveway and the steep part of the road leading up to it for the past two days… I can with certainty explain the difference between a good and a bad shovel, since I’ve used both types. I like the modern aluminium and plastic types with curved handles. Those are the best. The traditional ones with wooden handles are just too heavy when the snow is starting to melt at the bottom. Use it only for fresh, light snow. Your arms and back will appreciate it, believe me.

The amount of snow we got this week is just crazy though and I’m getting tired of the crazy weather patterns. One week it’s snowing like we’re in the middle of Siberia, the next we got +7 °C or more. It’s even more annoying because of the macadam section of the road leading up to our asphalt covered one turning into one giant obstacle course. Pits full of brown water, with large sections of mud and icy patches in the evening, not to mention streams of water slowly eroding top layers of the gravel. Avoiding cars and water is somewhat of a challenge…

Daily walks with our dog are not my favourite part of the day, even though the poor thing doesn’t complain about his ‘chocolate’ coat and the obligatory wiping off when his walk is done (wouldn’t want to leave him all wet out in his kennel after all). But I’m definitely hoping spring is about to come and snow isn’t on the menu until November.

The only good thing about so much snow is the exercise. My arms will certainly be up to my jogging routine come spring. And I can name a few new species of birds due to our feeding them. Winter has never been this interesting for sure.


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