The Sexy Lie

Sociological Images has posted a video of Dr. Caroline Heldman’s lecture on sexual objectification. It’s a great source of information on the problem with media and their increasing objectification of women in particular. (Fashion industry doesn’t shy away from objectifying men as well, but that is a different can of worms.) It’s always good to see women speaking up about these issues, so I’m happy to share it with you.

Caroline Heldman’s lecture points out the damaging impacts this objectification has on women and especially girls. Not to mention what this kind of mentality does to a society in general. It’s quite a tame initiation into the disturbing world of today’s media, but a comprehensive one considering the video is only 12-minutes long. Other documentaries and lectures I’ve seen were far more graphic about the dark places advertising can sink to, but this one is safe for public viewing.

Fortunately, the situation is not as dire in Europe, but trends from the USA tend to trickle over in one way or another. Therefore it’s good to be informed and to help American women fight these harmful trends.

Here’s the video of Dr. Caroline Heldman’s lecture:
The Sexy Lie

I recommend further videos for your viewing:
– the documentary  Miss Representation  

– documentaries by  Dr. Jean Kilbourne (Killing us Softly 4 s a must-see)

Here’s also the link to Sociological Images, a great source of information on a number of issues, though it’s a USA-centric website:


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