Just a Short Notice

I’ve been very busy these past two weeks, so only scheduled posts appear in my journal. It’s a very handy feature, especially because I prefer to post several journal entries at the same time. Spacing them out to every other day makes the journal less cluttered in the archives as well.  😀

Therefore, expect more scheduled posts. I think three a week should be a minimum. One on my favourite songs (Wednesdays), one on a movie I particularly liked (Weekend), and one miscellaneous post. The last category may deal with a TV series, an article, upcoming movie, or highlight a favourite fanfiction story, something that caught my attention (in a good or a bad way), or just celebrate a holiday.


I’ve got several drafts for my drabble challenge written down, no fear, but I need more time to whip them into proper shape. They are progressing nicely, though they may not be all from one fandom.  I’m a person with many interests, so that should come out here in a creative way. For now they have thankfully restricted themselves to LOTR and DW (Doctor Who), but I’ve got a few plot bunnies jumping in from SPN. Hmm …

I’ll see what I can do. No promises though


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