Popcorn Bowl 03 – Pitch Perfect

I watched the comedy with my sister and we were laughing our asses off. Definitely go and watch it if you are not repelled by a college setting and a mainly female cast. I went in with low expectations, so the amount of entertainment I got out of it was a nice surprise.

The movie is smooth in transitions, entertaining, and incorporates music in (to me) a before unseen way. Although the story focuses on acapella groups and music is definitely expected, they chose really upbeat songs that just make you want to join in on the fun. I loved the riff-offs. They were brilliant. I’d love to get my hands on these soundtracks 😀

 photo Pitch-Perfect-poster-pitch-perfect-31930127-938-638_zps0477b8c4.png


The group the movie focuses upon are The Bellas, a very diverse bunch of singers, each with their own problems and quirks. I loved Fat Amy – she was a riot. Very honest, almost too honest, but you couldn’t take it too seriously because she has one of those friendly faces, and because she makes jokes about herself too. Her level of confidence is inspiring. I also found her observations to be hilariously spot on. In fact, she was the one with the most fun dialogue.

What I also liked about the movie was that the romance between the main character Beca and Jesse was low key and the focus really on the personal growth of the girl group. It was clear from the start that Becca would get the leadership of the groups and that they would win the competition, but apart from that one I could never be sure what would come out of the girls’ mouths.

What I can’t get behind though, is the bizarre custom of calling your female mates ‘bitch’. My first instinct is to recoil when I hear someone call their friend that. Sorry, I’m not accustomed to this sort of familiarity – it takes guts to turn a derogative term and make it an endearment. Definitely not a thing I’m picking up.

The movie is good fun, so find a way to enjoy it. 😉



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