Song of the Week – 04

I’ve once again started listening to BBC radio 2 on my computer, as was my habit early last year. I got fed up with my local stations since all I heard was the same old Top 40 playlist over and over again. I mean really – don’t they get bored too? So I returned to a station that can only help my vocabulary and accent and which also has a more diverse playlist than I’m now used to Yes, sometimes they talk about all kinds of stuff, which is not something I’m used to really, but they at least don’t bore me. And since they’ve updated their website and service, things are only getting better.

Therefore, my choice was entirely validated when I heard a song that just captured my heart. Sure, it’s not a new song since it was released by Shontelle in 2010, but somehow I don’t remember hearing it before. How did that happen Oh, well – I’ve heard the version performed by James Arthur, the new winner of the British X-factor, and I love it. So, there’s no question which song is my favourite right now, is it? 😀

Song of the fourth week is:
James Arthur – Impossible


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