Writing Prompts

I’ve looked up some drabble prompts to get my writing started back again. I’ve been filled with small snippets of future events for my story Alone in Anórien, but that doesn’t help me much with the current chapter I need to work on. So, I’ve decided to start writing drabbles.

I’m thinking that I should start with pure drabbles – 100 words, no more, no less. And if I’m feeling more adventurous – then I’ll try some of the challenges from the LJ community – http://there-n-back.livejournal.com/. They have challenges centred on Middle Earth, so that should give me plenty to work on. I hope to start posting my little treasures soon. 😀

I’ll try to have a decent number of them going before posting them on ff.net. that should make my faithful followers happy. Then it’s time to fashion a master-post for my journal here and get all my little ducks (stories, drabbles and prompts) in a row. Hehe



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