Movie Anticipation 03 – Les Misérables

I’ve never read the book, always postponing it for some reason or another. Sometimes I wonder at my sanity since this is such a popular novel with many successful adaptations on both theatre and musical stage. If I could not help my curiosity and have actually watched and read (gasp!) the then popular Twilight (better not start ranting at that one), then why in all that is holy did I not read this classic work?


Perhaps it’s the depressing setting in 19th century France? Some inkling of the heartbreak to come? Well, I have a chance to rectify that now, when my high school literature curriculum didn’t do it. There were so many classics we just briefly touched upon, and so many boring works we actually had to read and explain. Scandal!

But there is one glimmer of hope for me yet, as my sister pointed out once I started thinking aloud about reading the book before watching the movie. I’ve got no idea what the story is truly about beyond a few basic crumbs given to me by the trailer. And when was the last time I’ve seen a truly epic movie without being spoiled to my gills? A long time ago, that is. Thus, seeing something with almost no foreknowledge should really be a treat for me, a fantastic feeling.

The joy of discovering a new favourite, a gem, is something so fragile and precious that I have to work really hard on protecting it. So I’m staying well away from all forums talking about Les Mis, as fans affectionately call it.

The cast itself is epic – all these actors I’ve admired in other movies and tv series… a feast for the eyes and soul! 😀 I’m sure I’ll be even more smitten with Hugh Jackman than before, not to mention my deep admiration for Ann Hathaway. These people can act and enchant our souls so that we completely forget they are just actors and not actual characters whose life we get to peek into. I’m predicting Oscars because the trailer is just so heartbreakingly beautiful and haunting and the story so well liked.

And here’s a fun fact for you, a sort of serendipity; I first saw the trailer at the Hobbit screening. It blew my mind. 😀

I’m definitely finding a way to see Les Misérables as soon as possible. And I hope to take my clever sister with me. She’s helped me hold back from reading the book before the movie after all.

Here’s the trailer:


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