Hobbits celebrate Yuletide

Just a short post of a fan, who doesn’t want to miss another opportunity to celebrate her love for Arda and Hobbits – that is all. I’ve wanted to commemorate Tolkien’s work before and somehow never got to it – I won’t let it happen again so that is the reason you get to see a photo of smiling hobbits and their party. 😀

party 01

Yule was one of most important holidays. The celebrations lasted six days – the period called Yuletide. They are reminiscent of the Saturnalias of ancient Rome – a time of feasting and merriment.I hope everyone has had a nice winter solstice day and that you commemorated it in some small way or fashion. I’ve lit a candle on my table as a symbol of warmth and light on the longest night of the year when darkness rules over the earth and when sun’s power is the weakest. This small flame is now a symbol of the new sun that will come and lengthen the days again.

Happy holidays!


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