Reading Unfinished Tales


What was only a stray thought before now turned reality – I’ve bought a copy of Unfinished Tales as a Christmas gift to myself. I couldn’t help myself once I saw my bookstore restocked the shelves.

Actually I was there to check something for my brother. He’s thinking of buying the entire Game of Thrones book series, so I made a short detour and checked the prices. And then I saw a stack of Tolkien books and just had to snatch one before they were gone, now that interest for his work has risen again.

I’ve already read the chapter dealing with the Druedain. Can I say I’m pleasantly surprised? They are described just as I’ve pictured them in my mind and how I’ve written them in my fanfic, though I’ve been working with far less material than I have available now. I’m so glad I’ve caught the essence of Tolkien’s idea. Yes, I’ve changed their appearance a bit and made them resemble Men in general, only with darker skin, lesser height and different culture, but they are the same.


I still believe that their mysterious side and even magic is seen only in times of great difficulty (thus the dark or red eyes, as Tolkien writes), otherwise they are normal people. Their skills in the woods, with tracking, natural colours, wood carving and healing plants I write about, based on logical conclusion from their dwelling place in the Druadan forest, are now confirmed to be canon, as well as their friendliness and the equality of women. 😀

My love for them and their mysterious ways just grows each day. The spiritual animals and spirit-based religion are my idea, but they fit in really well with the canon. They can very well be the basis of their powers, I believe. No matter if it’s wrong; I will go with it and incorporate it into the story.

It’s just a shame they didn’t get more of a spotlight in any of Tolkien’s books – Hobbit, Silmarillion, Lord of the Rings – they are a fascinating group of people.

My next read will be the chapter on Rohan. I will keep you posted.


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