Small Things to Brighten My Day 02 – Green tea

I’ve developed a fondness for green tea over the years despite less than favourable initial circumstances. My first taste was at an average café in my high school years. I got a store-brand tea bag and too hot water with no timer to tell how long it was in. Unsurprisingly it tasted really bitter and not at all like I imagined real tea to taste like. So I returned back to herbal teas.


Then I tried rooibos tea and loved it. This success awakened my desire to find the green tea for me. After finding a cheap sencha tea variation and learning how to prepare it correctly I decided to brave the real stuff. I entered a shop I regularly walked past on my way home from the university – The Palais des Thés.

It offers a huge amount of various teas from all around the world. The shop assistant was very helpful and I picked out a tea I liked the most. You can tell a lot about teas from the smell alone. After trying a few samples I finally settled on Tamaryokucha Imperial. It’s one of the pricier variations, but I splurge on it since it has a very delicate, sweet taste, and I can drink it the entire day.  I love it. It’s my alternative for coffee in all seasons except summer when I really don’t drink teas all that much.


So, I went and bought my second pouch and a China pattern red metal tea caddy. It’s my holiday gift to me and will probably last me until next year. I can steep the same batch 2 to 3 times and get slightly different variations of the same flavour. That is the wonder of quality tea.

My next purchase is going to be Assam black tea. I’ll try to find the same one as the Kaiserlicher Tee from Demmers Teahaus I bought as a souvenir when in Vienna last December. I still got some since it’s suitable for the morning, but there’s no hurry. Perhaps I’ll order the original blend and won’t bother searching for an alternative.

Here are the links to the shops’ websites:

On another note – today’s date is really unique. Unfortunately I was not quick enough to post at 12:12, but this is the next best thing. I felt the need to post something positive, so I give you my one weakness – healthy green tea from Japan. 😀 My obsession with this East Asian country had to manifest somewhere after all.


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