Reading Silmarillion (finish)

I’ve read the book to the last page. What a wonderful piece of literature, even though it’s only bare bones of a much wider story locked in the author’s mind. Any chance someone’s going to write a script for a movie? I’d pay to watch that – it would be phenomenal.

Akallabeth was really enlightening; we get a good look into the psyche of the Numenoreans and the bad history between early Gondor and eastern peoples. It’s also clear why the Haradim and the Easterlings fell under the sway of Sauron. I too would look for an ally against the people who were enslaving my family or abusing them on a regular basis, and not be too picky about it. No wonder Elves have such a poor opinion of Men in general – on one hand for working with Morgoth and Sauron, on the other hand for abusing innocents and spitting on the friendship they had with them. Can I say I’m disappointed with them too? They had everything going for them – a flourishing civilization, tight friendship with amazing artisans and minds among the Elves, goods from all around the world, extremely long life-spans… But no, they had to have immortality as well. Classic case of greed taking over rational thought.


Artwork: The Fall of Gondolin by John Howe

Sauron is a true piece of work as well. Half of the blame for his bad works and crimes can be laid at the feet of the Valar, who forgive far too easily. Maybe being more thorough with cleaning up the bad guys would save everyone a lot of grief. Elves too are easily taken in by new knowledge and a pleasing shell. Working with Sauron? Nuts. The Rings are the consequence of that and fat lot of good they did… Only the three elvish rings managed to work some positive things, but I find that of little comfort for all the victims of the wars with Sauron.

Well, the book gave me a desire for getting my hands on the Unfinished Tales. Maybe a Christmas gift? I’m certainly going to enjoy it and the fact that my collection of Tolkien’s works is getting closer to completion.


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