Movie Anticipation 01 – The Hobbit

Can I join the bandwagon and count the days left till the premiere? Can I? I’m already making plans with my brother and sister to go the cinema in the early days of the screening. I haven’t been to the movies for too long, so my LOTR addiction is the perfect excuse to get me and my siblings there. A shared experience is the best experience after all, no?

I’m hoping that the wonderful trailers are only a very tiny portion of the real deal and that the movies will rock just as the trailers do! We see humour and drama, epic battles and old secrets all combined into a wonderful mixture. I believe in the vision of Peter Jackson and the talent of the cast, their enthusiasm and genuine love for the story and characters. The Hobbit was the book which introduced me to the wonder of Middle Earth, so I hope I’ll get to experience all the joys and fears of that magical time years in the past.

So I would be really disappointed if the end product would not be as good as the first taste we got. It would be only appropriate after the success of the first trilogy that the new one equally impressed fans all over the world (and welcome new ones to the fold as well). Do I smell a new surge in the LOTR fan-fiction community?

I’ll write a lengthy post after seeing the movie, be rest assured.


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