Popcorn Bowl 01 – Brave (Pixar)

I got my hands on the DVD of the latest Pixar movie – Brave – and laughed my ass off in return. It’s brilliant! Scotland was always a place I was interested in and I find their dialect wonderful, so I enjoyed the setting and the people as well as the story.


It’s sort of a fairy tale with magic and transformations, with well-made characters, though I was mystified why the father had to be so much bigger than the mother. He was a real bear! But it’s ok – it’s a staple of all animation to exaggerate sexual dimorphism, so I quickly got over it. The animation is certainly superb enough that you can appreciate all its nuances.
I salute the artists!

I particularly loved the mischievous boys (triplets!) and the way they helped their feisty sister Merida, our heroine. The scene where they had to smuggle their enchanted mother (in huge bear form) out of the castle and under the clan’s noses was hilarious. The baked chicken as the puppet producing a giant bear-shaped shadow which their father chased with blinding fury? I couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes and had to pause the movie to catch my breath. Not to mention the way they always caused trouble.

The real kicker was the way these men climbed down the tower once they were locked out – taking their kilts and knotting them together. The scene when it was shown they came down naked… rest assured I was laughing so much I had tears in my eyes. I wonder what the neighbours thought – I must have been laughing like a hyena by then. *hehe – sorry*

But underlying all that humour is a powerful message that we must listen to one another and that bonds of family and love are not something to be pushed aside easily. Brave is also a story about strong leadership and the power of women. It is the mother who is the most aware of duties and responsibilities that come with a royal title, not the father. He would be satisfied with hunting, eating and merrymaking… but he does have a great heart and understands the meaning of freedom.

I would certainly recommend it. It’s fun and gripping, so I’m sure adult viewers will enjoy it too.


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