Reading Silmarillion

I’ve finished the major part of the book and the story giving it its name – the Silmarillion. It’s really fascinating even though only the bare bones of the whole history and events are given. The potential movie focusing even on one kingdom alone would be epic! It is really a shame Tolkien did not have enough time to flesh out his ideas and write another trilogy like the Lord of the Rings. No wonder artists are finding so much inspiration in the story. So many fascinating characters and fates, so many riches and wonders…

glorfindel and balrog

Painting: Glorfindel and the Balrog by John Howe

The story of Beren and Luthien was interesting, but it did not blow my socks off – I found it simply too fantastical (?), to full of magic with epic proportions, and songs to take it seriously. I much prefer Aragorn and Arwen. At least there are no vampires involved. Perhaps I’m simply not that fond of magic being the deus-et-machina saving the story.

What I found really unfortunate was the heavy death-toll at the very end. Nargothrond, Doriath, Gondolin… all the beautiful cities and realms were destroyed, all the people scattered and driven to their ruin. Some fell to Morgoth, some to other groups of Elves. The oath of Fëanor really did wreak havoc in Middle Earth – no wonder Mandos was so apprehensive.

I feel deeply sorry for Maglor, though – he really wanted to let go of the oath and the killing, but was not allowed to do so and he alone of his brothers remains to wander the earth, but we’re not told of his fate, so he could very well be around during the War of the Ring. I find that a really wonderful idea and I might find a role for him to play in my story.

Now I’m going to read the Akallabeth – the story about the isle of Numenor and the line of kings from which Aragorn comes from. I’m going to post my feelings about it when I’m done.



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