Small Things to Brighten My Day 01 – Pomegranate Bookmarks

I love, love these huge bookmarks in plastic sleeves. I already own several since I habitually look for new ones every time I buy a book in my favourite bookstore. There’s never too many of them, in my mind. I often read several books at once – one with a political or sociological content, one classic novel, one contemporary (perhaps fiction, romance or something else)… I like to enjoy things whenever I can, but I’m not always in the mood for heavy reading.


Back to the bookmarks; I’d like to collect as many as possible throughout my life. Whenever I travel, I try to find at least one postcard or bookmark to remind me of my journey. A sort of a literary/travel legacy in addition to the books I own.

Here’s the link to the official website:

ETA: They don’t hold them anymore in the bookshop I frequent! WHY?! It’s not fair… *cries*


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