TV Ramblings 04 – Supernatural

I was a really great fan of the series: reading fanfictions, looking up info on the internet… the whole works. Well, up and about season 5. Then it just went downhill and hit an all-time low with seasons 6 and 7. So much potential, so little of it realised.

I didn’t hold much hope with season 8 and was reluctantly prepared to let the show go, but it seems Supernatural is back to stay. Yes, it’s still straightening out some problems, but it’s gotten more consistent in tone and execution. I’m glad, but far from being back to the same level of enthusiasm as before.

The Sam Winchester storyline bores me to death. I don’t care about the year he’s spent off the hunt. I just don’t feel the significance his love life has on present events. It doesn’t resonate with me for some odd reason. What really interests me is what has happened in Purgatory, which was explained in the latest episode (7). But I loathe this new flashback technique.

What the hell is it with this jumping backwards and forwards all the time? Whenever we get a close-up of one of the boys or some other character, you can bet you’re about to see a flashback or just a small fragment of it. It’s annoying, what it is, and it totally disrupts the flow of the episode. I just don’t think that’s a suitable movie device for this particular show. If I were to invest in some booze and drink up every time it happens, I could generate a fine buzz by the end of the episode. *My sister would so not approve… I’d probably be banished from her room and would have to watch the series all alone.*

Then there’s the castVampire Ben is an interesting addition, like Prophet Kevin and his spunky mom. I like them immensely. They add something new to the show since we’ve lost Bobby. (How could you! I will never forgive you for that show – you’ve taken too many of my favourites already! Father Winchester, Gabriel, Balthazar, Ash, Agent Henriksen, the Ghostfacers…I miss you.)

I also miss Ellen and Jo Harvelle, and demon Meg. She’s such a pain-in-the-ass villain, but I enjoy the barbs she throws at the boys and I like that she’s a constant since season 1. Could we please get her back like we did Crowley?

The boys are yummy, as always. I was a Dean girl from the start. *hides from all Sam girls* Jensen is so beautiful and talented I could cry, and the interviews with him just highlight how god a person he is. Also, the storyline of his character just resonates with me more. I still find Sam hot – Jared is one yummy giant (or Moose, as Tumblr has it). There’s no denying it. But all that doesn’t guarantee I will continue to watch the shows just for them, of course. I’m not that shallow – I won’t be satisfied with two gorgeous men and no coherent storyline.

Thankfully, the return of Castiel and the Heavenly Host gives us a promise of a more engaging season than the last one. The whole Leviathan plotline was poorly implemented even though they had the characteristics of a spectacular conflict between humans and monsters with some capitalism critique thrown in for good measure. The show could be more ambitious here and not bore us to death with filler episodes.  Monster-of-the-week just doesn’t do it for me anymore and the boys being at each other’s necks this year…  *sigh*

Well, don’t disappoint me show, please. I’ll be your loyal fan for it.


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