NaNoWriMo – Update 03


I’m writing my pants off these days, but I’m pretty sure I won’t ever catch up before the deadline. I should have about 33,000 words by now, but I’m only at 7,000. Well, I’ve tried and I am certainly going to do my best until the event wraps up on 30th.

It’s certainly a great experience for any writer and I’m feeling sorry I haven’t done this last year since I would be so much more prepared now. Perhaps keeping a personal word count and a graph of progress should be something I really need to do – keep me motivated and productive. Maybe like a competition with myself. 

I’ve certainly started updating my LiveJournal more frequently than before, which is something I’ve always wanted, now that I’m writing all the time. Even my dreams have taken a more artistic bend as of late. I rarely remember dreams with tightly woven plots, but yesterday my brain came up with a circular story. Just as I was about to wake up my dream returned to its beginning and the same story started to unfold once again. Bizzare.


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