TV Ramblings 03 – Person of Interest

This show never fails to entertain, fascinate and inspire me. It makes me laugh, think, worry, swoon, speculate and bite my nails when things just don’t go according to plan. It’s wonderfully written, tightly plotted and features a range of amazingly diverse characters. I like the inclusion of powerful women who are successful in their chosen fields of work, comfortable in their skin, and who aren’t afraid to fight for themselves.


It certainly doesn’t hurt that Mr. Reese (John) is a serious piece of eye candy. His unflappable cool in times of great danger and turmoil just does me in. I don’t know where this fascination for the cool, unemotional guy comes from, since I’m usually am not attracted to them in real life, but I find him HOT. I guess it’s the killer combination of his intelligence and the mystery surrounding him. He’s sort of a sophisticated bad-boy; polished on the outside, but rugged underneath. And let’s not forget – lethal.

But for all his abilities and a newfound (or just renewed) sense of social justice, he is not a superhero. He does miscalculate his moves, is often surprised by events and defeated at times, even seriously injured. He is not infallible and that makes him human. He also has fascinating quirks: threatening whispering, blitz attacks, an arsenal of weapons in his closet… and a dry sense of humour. That scene when he was cleaning a rifle in Finch’s office just about made me cry with laughter. “People stare at me if I do it in the park,” he said to Finch when he had complained about guns making him uncomfortable. LOL

It’s this friendship between the two main protagonists that is the heart of the show. Their relationship was built slowly in the course of the first season and they’ve come to trust each other unconditionally by the start of season 2. Their bickering, jokes and arguments take this show beyond the usual spy-riddled procedural. Episodes don’t seem to be repeating themselves, though we can be sure John will save the day somehow. But we’ve seen our share of villains escape or even been unwittingly saved. The Machine does not make distinctions.

Harold Finch certainly did his job well and he’s such a darling man. I’m really sorry that he’s had to abandon his fiancée to protect her. It’s so unfair since he was clearly so in love with her. She and his friend Nathan was what he needed in his life to become a better person and it saddens me that he lost both of them. Therefore I’m extremely happy that he’s got a new friend in John, even Carter and Fusco.

Detectives Fusco and Carter are an integral part of the show and we can always count on them to help. Not without some exasperation at the secrecy and the foreseeable mayhem. There’s always a crime or a gang involved and John often just beats them unconscious, much to Carter’s displeasure. She is a cop first and foremost. And that is why both detectives are asking some very pertinent questions; they are not stupid. Especially Carter is getting closer and closer to the truth.


Then there are the villains. We can never be sure we’ve seen the last of them. Especially Root and Agent Snow are going to be major players in the future and I’m looking forward to what the show will present us with. And I can’t get rid of the feeling that the HR will rear it’s ugly head again. Even Elias is not without claws in prison.


There’re still plenty of mysteries surrounding both Reese and Finch, though we’ve gotten a few answers as to Finch’s past this season. I hope to see even more of the events that led to the present. The cause of Finch’s accident and the death of Nathan Ingram have not been properly explained, if I’m not mistaken. So I hope we get to see this as well, but I trust the writers to do their job. They haven’t let me down yet. *knocks on wood*

Certainly a recommended series. 😀

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One response to “TV Ramblings 03 – Person of Interest

  1. Great review. I enjoy this show too, especially when it gets tech heavy. This is the crime drama that is very much of the present but also the future, with that terrifying Big Brotherish computer watching everyone and everything. The interplay between the characters is also a huge draw.

    Finch is basically a good guy, but he has created a monster. He keeps it on a tight leash and only uses it to do good.

    In anyone else’s hand’s, it could be very destructive, especially if “Root” were to get control of it.

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