Reading Silmarillion


I’m educating myself on the history of Middle Earth and all the Valar, Maiar and so forth. I’m reading a few pages a day, to be truthful, since I don’t have much time for more. It’s a fascinating read and I understand so much more why the elves in LOTR are the way they are. It’s bringing back my fascination with them full force, but on the other hand there were quite a few head-desk moments with Morgoth and the Noldor.

So I’m really enjoying the book so far, but I do understand why people have complained about it being dull in the past. There’s a lot to take in, many similar sounding names and complicated family relationships. (Looking at the glossary at the back of the book helps, IMO.)

It goes without saying that it is helping me tremendously with AinA. I understand so much more of the world now and the complicated relationships characters have millennia in the future. I’m looking forward to read more about Lúthien and Beren, of course, but find myself fascinated by the sons of Fëanor. So much drama.

In a way I was kindly persuaded to pick up the real thing and do some work of my own by the absence of It was crippling to my research. I had to go to the very source and form my own opinions. Which is good, though relying on websites and abridged information saves a lot of time. Lazy, lazy, you might say. In a way with (yay!) my life is saved if I don’t finish the book in December. 😀

Still, I feel that Tolkien fans and fanfiction writers should be familiar with his other works. It helps prevent gaffes of any kind and also shows the level of commitment you have as an author.

I’m currently on page 140, so I’m staying away from as many spoilers as possible, which is hard in this time and age. Internet and its pitfalls… *sigh*  But I adore the artwork people have done! So much inspiration!


Artwork by LadyElleth on deviantart.


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