Late Harvest


Update on my previous post. The harvest went really well. Yes there was mould or more accurately noble rot involved, but it was ok. It would have been even better if I had latex gloves, but in my family’s generosity we offered them to other people. Not surprisingly the box was soon empty and my sister and I ended up without them. It figures… But some of the grapes were really well preserved, looking almost the same as a month and half before, and so sweet my teeth ached.

I must report that there were no sticks involved in the harvest; at least not directly. They were used only as a tool for wrapping those protective nets that preserved the grapes on the vines. Not for harvesting the grapes – silly me. 😀 That should teach me for only half listening to my mum.

The weather was nice too – sunny and relatively warm, so a warmer long-arm shirt, a scarf and a plush jacket were enough to keep me warm. Other grape-pickers commented on the nice weather as well, especially since we could see how lover places of the region were filled with mists in the morning.

Since half of the grapes were picked already, we progressed really quickly. I liked that, since I really had no desire to return home in the dark. These days it seems the sun is setting at 4 pm, though it gets really dark around 6. We were finished with the harvest by 1 pm, then followed lunch and cleaning up duty for the family while guest lounged at the table, talking. I was glad to escape to the kitchen by then, to tell the truth. What I absolutely despise are jokes some of grape-pickers crack every year. They are usually very lewd, sexist and misogynistic – and I loathe them with a passion.


So, this part of the yearly event is in need of some improvement, but as a grown-up woman I can grit my teeth and suffer it through. I only get to see those people once a year and it’s not worth it to fight and spoil the general mood. Besides, it’s not my vineyard they are harvesting, so I really have no say in the matter, though my mother, sister and brother share the sentiment. The numerous pastries and the pie were a success nonetheless. YAY!

Now I get to work on my NaNoWriMo. 😀

Images: courtesy of google pictures search 


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