NaNoWriMo – Update 01

So, what have I been doing these past few days?

I’ve been researching like mad; you could see me googling stuff almost non-stop amid short breaks for meals and other real life stuff. I do believe that I’ve become somewhat of an expert in medieval names, especially Slavic ones. And don’t let me start on printing, paper-making, growing hemp and flax, husbandry, ancient metalwork and gods… well, you get the drift. ^^; Building a new universe is no simple thing – I’d like it to make sense and that requires some effort and research.

medieval-flax-linen-dress-archeress-with-undertunic-and-corsetAnd here you’d tell me that I must have had that done before November 1st. You’re right. But I loathe the feeling I get when I realize that a mistake I made could have easily been prevented, so I took the precious time and done my work. Let nobody say I’m not thorough.

On a happier note – ideas and characters spring to my mind in an almost endless stream of inspiration. I’ve realised some important things for the direction of my story. I’ve also put down the age of my main protagonists and their life-stories. 😀 I’ll start with few separate strands and then weave them together. In this way readers will get to sympathise with the characters and be invested in the story.

Though I’m really proud of the background information and the history of the place I’ve created in my mind, I understand that info-dumps are not a sign of good writing. So I’ll have to put tiny crumbs here and there… and actually start writing for real. It’s certainly a challenge when I have only working names for the characters or their life stories. They feel so lost and unfixed without a proper name. And the bits I’ve put down sound so funny:

» (The oldest sister) of the duke (Slavic name) was a renowned beauty, but that did not win her any favours in life…«

Yeah, I know – less talking and blogging, more actual writing. 😀


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