Writing, editing – moving forward!

Edited chapter 8 of AinA! 😀

Since it got so long, I’ve decided to put 2 pages into chapter 9 which will be completely changed. Yes, the information will be there about the Druedain, but not told from their point of view completely. Meg will be a bit more involved in that chapter, making a transition much better once she wakes up. I’ve already started on it, and as long as it is not finished, I will not post the edited version of chapter 8 or it would seriously mess up the entire story. We.do.not.want.that.

And great news – chapter 20 (new one) has 5! finished pages that will not be changed (which do not include the pages I’ve ripped from the previous chapter, so 7-8 finished, only 6 more to go). And I managed that in two days – a record considering my hiatus. Perhaps it is the reviews I keep getting, or my muse has decided to move her butt, so I’m pushing hard to get it done and posted. Perhaps the new practice of writing down flashes of future chapters is my motivation. I want to move forward, get this story finished and move to my other projects. 😀

Or I just feel the characters again – thanks tumblr, for renewing my passion for LOTR!
And thank you, my dear readers! 😀
I love you!


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