TV Ramblings 02 – Queen In-hyun’s Man (kdrama)

Airing date: 18th April 2012 – TBA

Number of episodes: 16

My new love – this series is so ridiculously fun to watch, I’m having trouble waiting for subs. You hear me – darksmurfs team? I want my next fix of this drama! 😛

So, to help my addiction along I even edit subs on occasion – that is how serious this love-affair is! I’ve never loved an ongoing series like this before, besides GoT, but that’s another topic entirely. 

I’ve always been a succer for time-travel and the fish-out-of-water stories, so you can well imagine that a time-travelling romance is hitting all the right buttons to keep me hungering for more. And when the drama is set in Korea, my Asia obsessed Joseon fangirl is jumping for joy. 😀 I love those ancient costumes – the colours, the textures. Is it wrong to admit I’d like to have one of those hats? The one Boong-do carries around on his backpack?

Not to mention how wonderful Boong-do, the male protagonist, is – and from reactions all over the kdrama community, he is definitely one of the most adored ones at the moment. As several women have stated, he’s not that jaw-droppingly beautiful compared to other leading actors in korean dramas (I don’t know where they get this, but I find him especially yummy), but these small imperfection make boong-do more real than any other character and add to his wonderful personality.

I wish I had a boyfriend like him – a calm, honourable and strong man who is not too proud to smile and laugh in that cute way, and one who is not afraid to admit he does not know things in order to learn. Where can I order one such man? Please tell me – I’d be forever grateful. 😀

Recaps can be found here:


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