TV Ramblings 01 – Game of Thrones

Season 2 has finally started!!!!

And the first episode just propelles us into where the series left off last year – no unneccessary flashbacks and the like. I must say I approve. I approve very much, especially when I remember some of the recent series on my watch-list.

All series should contemplate gettting rid of scene repetitions, really get rid of them since they usually just bog down the pace of the story. This episode just proves that it can be done, and done well. Viewers do have a brain and remember what they’ve seen, no?

(I’m looking at kdramas in particular – offenders, you know who you are.  Flashbacks to scenes seen not five minutes ago… important scenes shown three or five times in the course of the drama… It drives me nuts! I know what they’re plotting, ok?! And I bloody well remeber what they’ve done too! Stop making me feel like I’ve got the memory of a goldfish. Sigh.)

So, back to the delicious GoT. The series shows us examples of really superb editing and scene changes (I do confess to joking when the comet was shown for the third time – universal scene changer, anyone? :D) And this flow just keeps us going forward; you almost feel cheated when the change comes again and you haven’t seen or learnt more, but the awaiting conflict just sucks you in and you get invested in the characters all over again. Really smart – keep us hungry for more. And while i’m speaking of hunger – let someone feed that hungry direwolf, he’s still growing isn’t he? Jaime won’t do his digestion any good, ok?GoT continues to be bold and does not shy away from explicit depictions of gore and sexuality, but we’re all used to that from HBO and the first season. nothing can shock us now, eh? Not so. I believe the last scenes of this episode will be one of the most cruel ones of the entire series and we’ve barely begun the journey! I can’t imagine what they’ll show us on the battlefield… Yikes! Please have compassion for my sister’s nerves. 😉
What I find surprising is that there is no confusion about who is who; your memory is immediately jogged by either the conversation or a familiar setting – clever writing that. I thought I’d have more trouble with that, but so far only a few names have been erased from my memory. I’ve no doubt I’ll soon have plenty of practice when we’ll be thrust into the confusing rivalry of the big houses. There are so many siblings and cousins and …  Speaking of siblings; I really love Tyrion! – he’s so brilliantly sarcastic and self-confident. The way he puts everyone into his/her place is just pure poetic justice – I just can’t help myself but root for him, even though he’s a Lannister and thus a member of the house of villains that I shouldn’t like. Yet then again, most of the characters are well-rounded and life-like, so you can always find that one redeeming quality that makes you unable to truly hate him/her. But Tyrion is just brilliant – how he undermines his pompous nephew Joffrey! 😀 The delight of the episode.
And then there is poor, stupid Sansa – she’s learnt her lesson, but I think there’s more in store for her. Her sister Arya, in contrast, has not had a big role in this episode, but her importance will only grow the more fortune favors the Starks in this war. And although we all mourn Ned Stark, his sons make up for his absence quite well right from the start – Rob in particular has grown into his Lordly position with a steely determination – me likes what me sees. Hehe… 😀
I’m intrigued by the new characters and we’ll be seing quite a few of them, the list only growing as we move along. The series does need to make up for all the people killed off in the first season or there would have been no cast to speak of, hmmm?GoT is kind of blood-thirsty and unconventional after all – killing off your main character in season one? A big no-no in this industry. But that only means we’ll get new characters to love and worry about, and that the story will never get boring. Yet I still feel really sad and nostalgic about poor honourable Ned – I’ll really miss him and the smart conversations he had with his children.

So, the new characters got decent introductions in this episode, albeit short ones, but they should prove to be a solid base for the future I think (e.g. the spooky Red Priestess, the Baratheon brothers, the Northerners…). I like that we’re not drowned in information about them – that just takes all the fun and excitement out of the picture, you know? And i’ve got something to look forward to besides the familiar characters.I’m drawn to this series because I like to be surprised after all. That is also why I haven’t read the book (and the lack of time). Yet mostly it is because I don’t want to be distracted from the series. I will even promise to stay away from spoilers this year. And before you ask – yes, I’ve learned my lesson… No spoilers for me – honest. But I don’t vouch for my brother who’s read the books – that would be impossible. 😛
And judging ffrom this lenghty  post; can you feel how excited I am about this series?

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