Gosh, words just blur together in front of my eyes as I read the first chapters of the ‘Interpretation of Dreams’ by Freud. It is an interesting work, but somehow my mind is not totally focused on it… But I really must finish it sometime today, make notes and all…
I’ve got about ten books right now in my big ‘library bag’ and I intend to finish them in the shortest time frame possible. It is a comfort to know that there are mostly only a couple of chapters relevant for my studies but the amount of pages looks staggering nonetheless.
I guess I should take a break and write a page or two for the new chapter of Alone in Anórien. Maybe then my mind will be once again 90 to 100 percent on the thick book waiting for me on my desk, just a hand’s width away from me. (It is stupid to feel so strongly about a piece of wood pulp and print colour and to avoid it like the devil incarnate… isn’t it?)
On the site note – I have three out of seven pages for Alone in Anórien done and about two pages of draft too (but which I have to go through and change drastically). Perhaps I might post a new chapter this Saturday. Who knows?
I was a bit disheartened because I got only two reviews for the chapter, but brightened up once two or three new people put ‘my baby’ on their story alert list. Talk about feeling warm and fuzzy… *big grin* I never liked any of the characters I’ve ever created as I like Megan. She seems so down to earth that I’m almost surprised about it. I’ve always fantasized about super strong, amazingly crafty characters so that this new experience of writing a character that appears so normal and fragile is a wonderful experience.
I must mention that Alone in Anórien also taught me a lot about my own strength as a writer. I’m not as afraid of making a mistake and correcting it after it is pointed out as in the past. I strived to be perfect and I was really upset and disappointed if my work did not turn out as I pictured it in my mind to be (which is a norm when one is only 15 or 18 and writing a looong story). Needless to say I abandoned many projects; and it was good to do so. They got time grow and mature with me and I feel confident again of tackling the challenge once more. 
Perhaps this journal should become a sort of a note board about my projects, their progress and results. It would be good for me to talk about the original story I have plans of working on in the summer. Perhaps that would help me flush out ideas that don’t work and get me motivated to try my best.
Argh, it’s PMS time again… I hate it, perhaps even more because this is more or less a recent development. I’ve only suffering from this common female affliction for about a year or so. Talk about annoying… *roll eyes*

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