Doing Research

I’ve just finished my notes on the timeline of LOTR. I must say it’s interesting to see all facts arranged by the dates – it makes so much sense. But I must admit I’ve always thought the story of the fellowship spans over a longer period of time. everything happens really fast, doesn’t it?

Well, the reason for this research was that I had an idea I wanted to incorporate inside the story and the original timeline too. Still, I did not wish to take too much liberty with the books, so I researched quite thoroughly – maps, timeline and other little facts – to get to the bottom of every possible obstacle to my idea. I believe I have everything I need – the only thing left is to get my dear character there. *grins*

I will reveal that the event I was thinking about will take place in 3018 (almost two years after Megan’s arrival to Arda and several months before the Fellowship would hit the road). I did mention in my Author’s Notes she arrived in Arda in 3016, didn’t I? Or did I say just two years before the Fellowship? Well, it’s not my intention to drag out these two years but to establish her character, make her interact with people and learn a language or two. It’s reasonable I believe. And she definetely won’t go with the fellowship – no tenth walker story in sight here. But that doen’t mean she doesn’t have a role to play, does it? Which one is yet to be revealed *evil grin*

Well, I am still a bit out of sorts from all the data i’ve read through (not to mention of my other ‘real’ studies), yet at the same time can’t help but feel proud of what I’ve learned. I never manage to remeber much of the names or places in the stories, just what happens and the data about characters. It’s no wonder I’m so happy for knowing a bit more about my favourite story. 🙂

By the way – I noticed Megan is the same age as Eowyn!  I had no idea untill  I began to pay attention to every little detail. Wow – do I see some really amazing ideas hidden here? ^ ^

I’m working on a new chapter – hope I’ll be finished untill Saturday.
Oh, yes, forgot to mention – I asked one of the Beta’s from to go through my chapters before posting. I’m waiting for her reply. Hope she agrees. 🙂

Have a nice day!

One response to “Doing Research

  1. Wow! I love that you’re doing all this research for your story. And I wasn’t really aware of when exactly Megan landed in Middle Earth, so I’m excited to learn that she has a couple of years to learn languages and become accustomed to Middle Earth before the Fellowship sets out. So going back to the message I sent you just now, I think the summary of your story can stand just fine. It sounds like she will definitely have a role to play in the events of the War of the Ring. 🙂

    I love Eowyn. She is such a fascinating and strong character. I hope she and Megan meet sometime in the future!

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