Bone Marrow Donor

I’ve just found out that the blood of bone marrow donors is not tested right away in my country because the government does not have enough money for the tests – they pay for 2000 or something more tests per year and the samples whose testing is not paid are left in the freezer for the next year. (!)

I am a bone marrow donor. 

I’ve given my blood for the database four years ago. I do hope I’m actually in it by now. They came to my high school and got about forty people from the hundred that listened to the lecture signed up to be donors and give blood (it was after the lessons were already finished so the number of those that actually went and listened to it was quite small). If they repeated this in several other schools in this region alone they could have easily gotten over 2000 samples in a month or two…

It would be really cruel to have a right match found but the sample still waiting to be tested… *sigh*

I really do not relish the thought of having a big needle stuck into the beack of my pelvis, but I would give the person that needs a bone marrow transplant a part of my own. It’s the right thing to do after all. I’m not that comfortable about an organ transplant, but I still have time to think things through about that. I would definetely not wish to leave my body to the medical students – I want to be cremated.


One response to “Bone Marrow Donor

  1. Wow, your a bone marrow donor? I’m really impressed. That’s so wonderful of you to volunteer to do that. I hope your results have been tested — that’s too bad that the wait is so long.

    I’ve given blood before, but I’m not signed up to be a bone marrow donor! I should think about it, though. So many people out there need transplants!

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