I found a video on YOU-tube that struck me with its message. I had tears in my eyes at the end.

I always knew the life of the women and men there was not pretty, but hard and bitter, but this video captures the heartbreak and unfairness in a way I can’t describe. The lives of the prostitutes in Japan was bitter. Many were from empoverished samurai families that sold their wives and daugthers to the pleasure quarters. Geisha worked there too, but they were not selling themselves. 

But this story could easily play out with only minor changes all around the world.

The everyday of the forced prostitutes in India is just as gruesome – exposure to all kinds of STD’s, tuberculosis and other diseases as HIV beside malnourishment. Many are beaten when they do not wish to engage a full blown AIDS client, they live in the most miserable and poor conditions while their masters take away all the money, not giving a damn. Their life expectancy drops down to less than forty years.
Most of them come from Nepal and are 10-14 years old. Can you imagine?! And they have to serve up to 30 clients a day – gruesome! Bought for 1,000$ or less… Some end in brick manufactures, textile industry and similar. They drag 30 kg of bricks at a time duirng the most unhumane work conditions for less than a dollar. Boys become cheap labour, sometimes professional beggars and thieves. Those who beg are often mutilated by their owners in an attempt to get more money collected since people are more generous to lame or injured people.China had a few reports of forced child work in brick manufacture too, but who knows the real scope of the incident.
There was also something about Asian workers in Italian leather industry, if I’m not mistaken. Those flashy and extremely expensive handbags were made by the illegal imigrants to Italy for hilariously low wages. something similar is occuring also in the USA – sweatshops. Forced agriculture labour is nothing new, just that instead of blacks there are latinos working on the fields. 



The trafficked women in Italy, France and other final destinations on the long trafficking roads share the fate of the Tayuu, Oiran and Yujo, just as the child prostitutes in Thailand. Sold by their parents, relatives… often with false hope of a better future. When they return back home (if they even manage to do that) they are often infected with tuberculosis, HIV and other diseases and thus ostracized and isolated from their own family and village. Many of those families and relatives living off the little bit of money the girls managed to send home. Cruel.

I cannot describe how sad and enraged I was when I did a paper on child prostitution in Thailand. Girls from age six to nine are sold on auctions to the highest bidder for their virginity and often a prostitute is considered old at the age of nineteen and thus discarded.  A prostitute works for five years average and 80% of them get infected with HIV.

I cannot imagine the horrors, but the descriptions I read from the women and men who try to help those children, save them from the brothels and give them a future, are gruesome. How can anyone do things like that to another person? And from the seven millions of tourists, five million are men! How could they?!

The Philipines are just as horrible and those girls never recover from what they went through. Mafia connections and corrupt police only make things worse and sex tourism flourishes. What is wrong with men? Does it mean just because the girl or a woman is Asian that she is not a human being but a toy they can enjoy to their leasure?!



Now I’m venting… I know not all men are pigs and what else, but I can’t and will not even try to understand and condone such behavior, such actions. To abuse a child is the worst crime possible to me and deserves the most severe punishment. From the Antient Greece to today there are slaves and forced women all around the world and it would be irresponsible of anyone of us to claim otherwise.Their numbers are counted in millions and thousands. Sex tourism is sometiems the greatest income of a country and tops drug dealing and other illegal activities.

I was always interested in Japanese culture but there are many things that fill me with disgust and horror.The Shimabara, Yoshiwara and other red-light districts are the dark side of their culture, but nonetheless nothing extraordinary. Venice and other large cities in Europe had their districts too, their own courtesans and prostitutes. Child prostitutes were not uncommon too, so there shall be no wrinkling of the nose and talking about sex-mad orientals of the past and the third world of today.  

I did not like the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ because of all the historic and cultural inconsistency, the orientalism that influenced it and all the artistic freedom they took when shooting the film. I knew quite a bit about maiko and geiko of Kyoto by then so the entire movie experience was painful to me. You cannot describe the mysteriosu women from the ochiya’s like their neighbours oiran and other rangs of courtesans, which Golden did. And why the **** did the director cast chinese actresses?Please, if you make a movie about geisha’s do use proper information and costumes. The movie about the Yoshiwara courtesans should prove to be more historically correct. The short trailer sure does promise so.  

Find more about trafficking and slavery here:

I believe the short movie on YouTube captures the universal truth of forced prostitution. I would like to see it to remind myself why fighting for human rights, for freedom of the slaves all over the world is necessary and just. We owe them help. Nobody should ever be treated like that!


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