Writing… and lamenting the trees

I wish it were easier than it is.

I changed one passage in the first page of the next chapter three times so far. I tried to skip some things and cut to the interesting part, but sadly things don’t work that way. How peculiar that I have the titles of the chapters usually done in advance once I start the story. This one seems to desire a slight change… or a relocation to a new chapter with a slightly higher number, lol.

Ah… made some research about henna and found out I couldn’t really use it in this particualr story… *cries* It would be so funny and interesting to write the reactions of the Middle Earth people to a henna tattoo on her palms. Lol, can you imagine? It would be twice as interesting if she had a eye painted in the centre of her palm – lots of ideas about that one – from hilarious to angsty.

Well, a scene I imagined could be a theme of a vignette or a parody of some sorts. What do you think? ūüėČ

Plot bunnies and other¬†things that I don’t really need right now are¬†running around me, demanding my attention. Sometimes an author has to¬†abandon¬†certain ideas to get a story done right. I did do this¬†many times already… *sigh*

Ah, well.¬†As I make research for the next chapters it really isn’t so hard to imagine¬†lots of ideas poping¬†up in my mind only to be thrown away the¬†next time.¬†The annoying sound of a chainsaw that disturbs my piece is only making things worse, I mus.
My neighbour has obviously decided he has too many trees blocking the sun and is in process f cutting down a line of old trees along his property which extends to a remains of a birch tree forest.

I can’t forgive him since he could decide tot ake down only some of them and leave others alone.

He so far eliminated some of the most beautiful trees I’ve come very familiar with with time and all the walks I make with our dog.¬†A big nut tree the squirells liked to visit in autumn, two tall beech trees that have the most amazing green leaves in spring,¬†at least four acacia that smelled absolutely divine when in bloom and which were damaged by heavy snowfall that broke quite a few of their branches, and many more. He destroyed a natural tunnel that a line of elder formed over the path I took when I still went to high school. It was my favourite shortcut. Now my brother and sister won’t enjoy their shade after a walk on the hot asphalt from schoool in the early¬†summer…

I think that I would never get used to the sound trees make when they are cut down, that dry cracling before they thump against the ground…¬†It is painful to me and since trees need such a long time to get this big it saddens me.

I was shocked when the new neighburs north from our house cut down all the trees the previous owners had planted more than sixty years ago Рthe beautiful plums with their rich flavour, an enourmous nut tree where crows gathered in september, the most amazing magnolia tree I have seen, cherries and cypress. I enjoyed to turn around and wath the white blossoms, the fresh colours and the flowers growing in their shade. It was a nice place.

Now the entire courtyard and the previous small orchard is one flat body of grass and a sparsly planted pine and spruce trees line is done along the border. They look more yellow and brown than green since the sun beats down upon them in summer (they have planted them on the southern side of their property!)

What they had done to their surroundins I’ll never understand – it’s boring grass! I believe they’ll do something in the future ut so far it doesn’t seem like it. If I’d have been able I’d have taken those trees and planted in on our propery.¬†The sun is unbearable in the summer, hot and suffocating and a shade is very welcome. In fact we mostly hide inside the house, trying to move as little as possible…

My family purchased the land where our house is built ten years ago. We had to cut down two trees for the house, nothing more, but in the following years one old apple tree sadly did not make it through the winter and a young nut tree also suddenly whithered. We lamented both trees and ever since planted many more.¬†It comforts me to know they will be around long after I’m gone and my family would always know: “That’s the tree she loved so much…”

A very old cherry tree (that has yummy fruits) and a healthy oak are the largest trees on our property and we are very proud of them. I am personally responsible for two saplings of plums from my grandfather and have planted at least six lilacs (from my grandmother and granmothers sister). We have also planted two nut trees, two new apple trees since the remaining old one was not looking that well, but we managed to get it back to health by polling it, several hazel trees and my two favourite magnolia trees. I am wild about everything ofrom the Far East; magnolias and the red Japanese maple are my favourites.

Since the winters seem to take a lot out of young samplings, we always plant more than one tree. By adding something almost every year, we manage to slowly cover the ground and plan flowers beside the new trees. Since the soil is quite heavy and there is not much shade yet, it is kind of difficult to really know beforehand what will prosper. Well, at least daffodils, irises and lillacs seem to be happy with the conditions.

Enough of plants, must get back to writing.
But I had to point out my feelings about such extensive changes.
Aren’t there enough trees already cut down in the world?

2 responses to “Writing… and lamenting the trees

  1. Aw, I’m sorry about all the trees. At least you’re planting lots of new ones!

    I think it would be really fun to read a one-shot about Megan having henna on her hands. You’re right, it may not fit very well into the main story, but it would still be very funny.

    And I would say, don’t worry overmuch about getting to the interesting stuff really quickly! Sometimes making the story flow better means some time has to be spent on the slower parts! Good luck with all your research and writing! ūüėÄ

    • The culture Tolkien created is based on western cultures entirely I believe.

      I think that something could be done about henna though – the Easterlings are a mysterious people and I believe there is a lot of pottential for henna there ūüėČ They also love the red colour, if I’m not mistaken, and their lands are further south than Rohan and Gondor. *wonders*

      Well, since I made Megan speak Japanese that is also her minor at the uni, I can always use something of this interesting and colourful culture to spice things up a bit, but I think that in the end she will behave odd to them even without using traditions of other cultures.

      Its still a topic for a drabble, as you said. ūüėČ

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